Sewing with Interfacing

Sewing with Interfacing

how-to-sew-clothesInterfacing Defined:
Interfacing for sewing is a layer of fabric, woven or nonwoven, used to add body to a fashion fabric. In a lined garment, the interfacing layer is between the outer fabric and the lining fabric. Interfacing comes in many weights, from heavy and stiff for lapels and home decor to light and flexible for soft blouses and dresses. Interfacing may be sewn into a garment or fused (bonded) to the garment fabric. My choice for the best interfacing for sewing apparel
Types of Fusible Interfacing
Fusibles are applied to the wrong sides of fabrics using a hot iron.
Fusible interfacings come in woven and knit versions. Sheer weights are used for lightweight fabrics in areas that need additional body, such as collars or plackets. Light and medium weights are for respectively heavier fabrics. The heaviest interfacings are for tailored details such as coat lapels and pant/skirt waistbands. A tailored garment may use several weights of interfacing to create the flexible shaping needed in a suit or coat.
Stay tape is a form of fusible interfacing that comes in narrow strips. Stay tape is ideal for reinforcing long, narrow areas such as a hemline or shirt/dress placket. Another special shape of interfacing is the non-roll waistband interfacing. These shapes save time cutting long, narrow strips from a large sheet of fabric.
Types of Interfacing for Sewing
Besides fusible interfacing, sew-in interfacing is also available. Fabrics that will not tolerate the heat and pressure needed to successfully fuse interfacing need traditional, sew-in interfacing. This type of interfacing is cut from the pattern piece and sewn to the back of the fashion fabric at the seam allowance. Excess interfacing is trimmed from the seam allowance and the interfaced fabric is then handled as one piece.
While most commercial interfacing is nonwoven, some woven interfacings are still used. Most common is horsehair canvas, used in tailoring. Woven interfacings have horizontal and vertical threads, while the nonwoven interfacings are a continuous sheet of fibers.
Using Fusible Interfacing
In addition to stiffening collars and cuffs or reinforcing buttonhole areas, interfacing can be used as an underlining. An underlining is attached to the back of the fashion fabric to give it additional weight. It is sewn or bonded to the fabric, then treated as part of the fashion fabric. Lightweight fusible yardage can be ironed to the back of a thin blouse fabric to make it suitable for a jacket, for example.
Follow the manufacturer’s directions for your brand of interfacing. Generally, use a hot iron with steam for the recommended amount of time to melt the glue and bond the interfacing to the fabric. Make sure the adhesive side of the interfacing is put on the wrong side of the fashion fabric. Upside-down interfacing will mean glue all over your iron!
sewing notionsFor best results, first fuse a small piece of fashion fabric and a small piece of the interfacing to be sure you like the results before using any fusible product. If your sample is too stiff, try again with a lighter weight of interfacing. If the sample is too limp, use a heavier interfacing.
Achieve the results you want by using the appropriate interfacing products for your sewing project.

Picking A Great Sewing Book

You have lots of options to consider when it comes to buying sewing books on the Internet, so take your time to check out projects like dining table runner, banners and doll clothes patterns before making a purchase. Buying sewing books at home on the Web saves you a lot of time and also saves you money because online stores offer great deals on popular sewing patterns.

One can get lots of creative ideas about what new projects to work on from sewing books which are made to fit the crafting desires of anyone. Having a hobby to spend some time on when you are getting stressed is a fantastic way to relax; sewing is one of the finest hobbies because it is both relaxing and creative. You should consider buying your next sewing book online, especially if you have been trying to find a nice project to start but have not seen a book in any local craft shops that particularly interests you. Christian banners and doll clothes patterns are also available at many of the websites that feature sewing materials.

If you are still learning to sew and want a lot of assistance as you begin to develop your skills, using a sewing book is a great idea. Sewing books can be obtained with all kinds of different patterns and are designed to fit a specific skill level. Basic but still fun projects are usually found in beginner level books that do not require a lot of complicated sewing equipment or techniques to be completed properly.

Learning to sew does not need to be a difficult or frustrating experience, especially if you learn with the help of a friend or a well-written sewing book specifically prepared for beginners. You might start to feel frustrated and lose the joy of sewing if you attempt to work on an advanced project when you are just learning. Simple sewing books are ideal for beginners because they often feature lots of easy to understand photos and instructions; some include the materials you will need as well.

It can be very fun to shop for a sewing book, especially if you are thinking of a specific project you would like to make. Christian banners have come to be common projects featured in many modern craft books; these banners usually feature Christian images or Bible texts. Many churches that have organized craft groups have found that Church banners are a nice project that the group can team up on and then offer to the congregation as a gift to use in decorating the church.

There are all kinds of ideas to be obtained from websites and blogs dedicated to sewing; you can also order sewing books from your favorite online retailers. Doll clothes patterns and many other special project patterns can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home; if you are shopping for a large group, you are sure to appreciate the lower prices featured online too.

A nice new sewing project can truly get your creative juices flowing; to get started on one yourself, start looking for doll clothes patterns or banners for a church in a new sewing book. If you buy online, you will be able to browse many shops that specialize in selling Christian banners and doll clothes patterns in easy to understand sewing books.

Sewing for Learners – It’s Easier Than You Think

Sewing for a beginner really isn’t that difficult to learn at all if you first take the time to explore a little about your soon-to-be new hobby. In this article, we’re going to look at why you might like to take up sewing, the advantages of sewing books and the creativity you can express through making your own sewing projects. You should have quite a few tips on sewing for beginners once you have absorbed all of this information.

You can attend sewing schools or learn to sew on a place like Craftsy

Sewing is a skill that has existed for centuries. The interest in sewing has waxed and waned over time. Sewing as a hobby and often as a necessity is gaining more popularity. That said the cost of sewing machines ranges from a low of $100 upwards to many thousands of dollars. A low cost of entry into sewing can be achieved which makes sewing an extremely useful and practical skill all the more appealing these days.

There are many great reasons for taking up this pastime. For instance, the act of sewing can be quite absorbing and indeed therapeutic. It’s a great way to actually save some money too, if you make some of your own or your family’s clothes.

There is much more to this kind of art than threading a needle of course. Some people have been doing it for years and still have not learned everything. However, to make an article of clothing look good the participant must learn the tricks of the trade if they want to like a professional in the end.

There are very many learning modules around which will give a learner an insight into what they want. But by going online the new person will be able to see the full array of goods on offer. If they want to learn some great techniques, this is probably the best thing to do anyway.

Many gifts can be made using a few simple stitching techniques! The gift of something made by hand often is more touching than a gift which was simply bought at a store in a mall. So why not stitch your own Christmas and birthday presents and create that treasured gift for your loved one?

Advantages of Sewing

Once of the best reasons for taking up sewing at home is to make a garment exactly as you want it. Why settle for “off the rack” clothes in not quite the right color when you can design and make them to your own specifications? In addition to that, not all clothes bought from stores fit as well as they could, do they? So if you’re in control then there is no reason why you can’t make them fit perfectly every time.

The same can be said for soft furnishings, find your ideal fabric and then create exactly the cushions and curtains that will help make your home just how you want it to look.

Creative Sewing

There is no end to the amount of different sewing techniques that you can learn and then apply to garments for you and your family. Using a sewing machine to make stunning quilts or embroidered items is hugely satisfying when you see the end results.

So take the time to get a couple of great sewing books, absorb them, and then treat yourself to a good quality sewing machine. You will be able to produce superb results for yourself, your family and friends in no time if you put the practice in.

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